A Dream Visit from Subarata

Shortly after Subarata's passing I had a dream about her which seemed to be an authentic experience...

It was April 2000, right at the end of the April Celebrations held in New York each year to celebrate the anniversary of Sri Chinmoy's arrival in America in 1964. I sometimes have dreams of spiritual significance or for-telling, which is perhaps some consolation, as they make up for what sometimes seems to me the otherwise ordinariness of my waking spiritual practice!

The dream was very vivid and immediately preceded my arising. As though Subarata was actually there in the room, she gave me a message which she instructed me to pass on to everyone in the New Zealand Sri Chinmoy Centre.

Subarata said that people who had projects, dreams or aspirations which they wanted to achieve, here in New Zealand, should write them down on a piece of paper, seal it inside an envelope and then place the envelope on their meditation shrines, writing Subarata's name on the outside of the envelope. Subarata would then give people inwardly her encouragement, inspiration and assistance to realise the undertakings of their choosing.

When I think of all the projects I have worked on and goals I have achieved in the five years since then, it is hard to deny that there hasn't been an unseen hand of inspiration helping me from another world.