Apple iPhone released today



The Apple iPhone

The Apple iPhone was released today. Yes, that's "phone" as in cellphone, and "i" as in iPod. Much anticipated and wildly rumoured, the countdown officially starts now as to how I long I will be able to resist before getting one. I lasted two years before buying my first iPod, a Third Generation model with touch sensitive buttons and black and white display, a resistance based on an initially dismissive attitude towards the product that I now am completely unable to place; I have upgraded I don't know how many times, proud owner of a 5G 60GB iPod able to play offerings from both Radio Sri Chinmoy AND Sri Chinmoy TV.

Here is an overview of the iPhone's features. Links to photos and articles are below.


  • 11.6 millimetres thick
  • 3.5-inch 480 x 320 touchscreen display (with multi-touch support and a proximity sensor to turn off the sensor when it's close to your face)
  • 2 megapixel cam
  • 4GB or 8 GB of storage
  • Bluetooth with EDR and A2DP
  • WiFi that automatically engages when in range
  • quadband GSM radio with EDGE
  • it RUNS OS X with support for Widgets, Google Maps, and Safari, and iTunes
  • a partnership with Yahoo will allow free push IMAP email
  • 5 hours of battery life quoted for talk or video; a full 16 hours in music mode