Reflections from a higher plane pt.5

Travel anecdotes and notes

airplane sunset


A series of observations, imaginings and happenings on a recent globe spanning flight.

Flying Lufthansa from Hong Kong to Frankfurt, I am squeezed against a window in coach, as I was previously on Air New Zealand now half a day previously, seat half invaded by a man seemingly oblivious to my personal space or comfort, even though I am more than confident it would be I who would win any prospective arm wrestling contest, on the basis of our respective builds alone. I am fuming inwardly, not at this seat-jacker mind you—par for the course in economy class, and relatively minor on the scale of discomfort compared to the time I crossed the entire Pacific ocean next to a famous rugby player's even larger first cousin—rather I am angry because I have 'Gold Status' on this particular airline, and aside from the expectation I should be treated like landed gentry, if not royalty, space permitting the inside seat should have be blocked off, as it has been in rows front and behind. Perhaps, and this is a common thread in my life to date, I am being taught another lesson about privilege and its appreciation due.

Pride swallowed, I await my hard to swallow "special" meal, title ironic of course. Despite my aristocratic pretensions, I wouldn't dream of making a fuss about such a small matter, and remind myself of the special purpose for which I am making this journey: a trip to see meditation teacher Sri Chinmoy —my real frequent flyer reward.

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