Technical support

easy as child's play

Easy as child's play?

I have an occasional role as member of a technical support team for a rather large website. Normally it is a relatively undemanding task, and luckily enough, for the questions asked are generally simple enough to give me the appearance of being knowledgeable, an impression sometimes different from the reality.

Over the last couple of days I received a series of help requests from a user completely at a loss over a very simple feature of this website's content management system, and try as I might, every attempt to explain it's proper use led not to clarification but confusion, an ever spiraling maelstrom of misapprehension in which issue became plural and then profusion, molehill into mountain to quite humourous effect.

The poor user in question being a very good sport, I am sure will not mind me sharing our written exchange—and my amusement—their identity hidden to prevent embarrassment already present becoming public.

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