Artistic use of a MacBook Pro

Who would have thought? The sudden motion sensor feature in the MacBook Pro can be used to artistic effect!

Talking of (Pro) MacBooks, this may or not be because I was a very early adopter of the very first Intel model (rev-d), but I have noticed that one actually needs to manually select "Sleep" to put the computer to sleep—closing the screen does not power down the harddrive as it should, leading the MacBook to get very hot during it's supposedly idle moments.

And beware of the MagSafe power adaptor, more gimmick than useful feature in my opinion, as when not accidentally dislodging itself at the slightest non-perpendicular jolt, it's actually surprisingly weak at the point where cord meets magnetised connector, a lesson I learned the hard way during an extended trip overseas, where heavy use of the laptop on, well, my lap (one assumes this is normal use for a "lap" top), saw the cord fray almost completely apart at this weakened point. Although most definitely a design flaw in my opinion (who would design a power cord that dislodges or can get damaged when sitting cross-legged), Apple disagreed with me, an opinion which cost me rather than them NZ$200, the cost of a replacement that wouldn't almost electrocute me.

That being said, I am still remarkably biased towards all things Apple, and am otherwise more than happy with this my 6th sixth pomaceous purchase.

Artistic use of a MacBook Pro - Jaitra


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