No free lunch

no dishes to wash

No dishes to wash

It is said that in life there is no such thing as a free lunch. One must pay ones dues, do the hard yards, go the distance and earn your stripes—to coin, deposit and take out a mortgage on a cliché or four.

To compound maxims further, from time to time every rule admits of an exception, a paragraph finishing sub-clause that, when noticed, makes life the pleasing, indeterminate swirl of chance and contradictory possibility any on-the-edge exponent of meditation truly rejoices in.

Synchronicity, chance and the unexpected all combined recently, not for a free lunch but rather free drinks—a round on the house on the occasion of a birthday, here in the Sri Chinmoy Centre.

The unforeseen hand of thirst-quenching fortune was met at Café Epic, a suitably named location for the celebration of a "Soul's Day", the term we students of Sri Chinmoy use for a birthday, signifying a day not only of celebration, but commemoration of the soul's promise to God, made at the beginning of our earthly sojourn.

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