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two dogs

Who's a good boy?

Much as I hate to be chasing the bumper of a fast moving band wagon, two recent articles by writers of extraordinary ability have forced pen to doggy paw, in an under-qualified, smallest dog on the block imitation, rather than emulation, of their superlative-silencing awe.

You once wouldn't have seen me writing perhaps more than a sentence on the topic of dogs, and that sentence would have probably been in tone indifferent and somewhat aloof. But a funny thing happened when I entered the spiritual life—I turned from a "cat person" to a "dog person" with devotion.

I knew a person once who insisted that you could divide all people into these two categories—wearers of either canine or feline coloured fur. This person was most definitely of the dog persuasion, and took some satisfaction in pronouncing, after I declared my like of cats, and with something of a knowing smirk, that yes, they had deduced that already. They just missed a flying claw...

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