Airport anxiety

Computer, coffee, creativity

Computer, coffee & creativity—not necessarily in that order

Almost home. Not that I don't regret to be leaving Japan—in fact completely the opposite. This country has just made the top of my "All time favourite-places that I have visited and would like to be born in next lifetime" list. Not a long list to be honest, but a list probably in need of a shorter title.

There is always an end to everything in life, and responsibilities' voice tells me that I have a job and numerous commitments to return to. And besides, I am fast running out of money.

I get off the free hotel bus at Terminal 2 of Tokyo's Narita Airport. Or should I say "de-bus", for I am at an international airport, and here only Japanese and American English are understood. Call me a crank, but one of these days I will refuse to leave my seat when I am asked to "de-plane"...

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