Underhand heating

Colin Meads

Today my mind was jogged by another entry in a sister web diary here at the Sri Chinmoy Centre website. More sprinted than jogged really, and straight between the "uprights" with egg-shaped "ball" in single hand, for the recollection is of Colin "Pinetree" Meads—New Zealand and possibly the world's greatest rugby player ever.

It was during a nationwide mid-winter power crisis several years back, when the lakes of the South Island—source of much of our hydro-electricity—had almost run dry, and a national newspaper ran a story quoting prominent New Zealanders on what they were doing personally to avert calamity.

The substance of the article is mostly irrelevant—no doubt the Prime Minister was wearing an extra pair of slippers, and Dame Kiri Te Kanawa performed her concerts by candle-light that year—of interest is the fact that it spawned a second, even bigger story: namely what the current All Black Captain—he of hair-product and sports-car fame, and past captain and "Legend" with a capital "L"—Colin Meads, were doing to avert an "All Black winter".

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