Where ends meet

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I quit my design job of three and a half years recently, a possibly rash move embarked upon in an idealistic tidal wave of enthusiasm. My reasoning? I wish to spend more time on the projects closer to my heart, less time on those closer to my wallet. More practically speaking, I would like to be able to work when and where I please, and have the freedom to travel more often and for longer periods at a time. Perhaps I am having my cake and eating it too, but second helping of dessert aside, I am secretly enjoying the notion that I may have been rather daring in doing this.

Lest I appear to be more heroic than I probably am, or at least not completely honest, I should declare to the reader that with seven years' experience, and in an industry where skilled people are in short supply and high demand, it was probably never going to be a struggle to find work. And thus it has been so far, touch sandalwood, a total of less than 5 days without work in the last couple of months, and trips to Japan and New York in between.

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Where ends meet - Jaitra


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