Japan, Land of Beauty

Sri Chinmoy sings and performs on the harmonium in front of the Kamakura Buddha

A month ago I visited Japan for just over a week. Amidst all the sushi, temples, spotless trains and a yet more sushi, I made a little time to take photos of just a few of the beautiful and enchanting places I visited.

The first in a series of galleries is the Kamakura Daibutsu or Great Buddha, a giant bronze statue of the Buddha which sits in eternal zazen in the grounds of a temple and garden complex, nestled peacefully at the end of a long coniferous valley.

Musician, artist and meditation teacher Sri Chinmoy gave an hour long concert in front of the immense, powerful statue, while an exhibition of his zen-like paintings, Jharna-Kala (Fountain-Art) were exhibited in the wooden and bronze temple alongside.

The Kamakura Daibutsu is but one powerful example of the beauty, harmony, sweetness and perfection that Japan embodies effortlessly at every turn.